新目的九年级英语Unit7 重点词组 句子和书面表达

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本文摘要:新目的九年级英语Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to their own clothes.重点词组 句子和书面表达重点词组be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事get his drivers license 取得驾驶执照go to the shopping center 去购物中心no way没门,不行sixteen-year-olds 十六岁的人sixteen-year-old teenagers 十六岁的青少年be


新目的九年级英语Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to their own clothes.重点词组 句子和书面表达重点词组be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事get his driver's license 取得驾驶执照go to the shopping center 去购物中心no way没门,不行sixteen-year-olds 十六岁的人sixteen-year-old teenagers 十六岁的青少年be worried about/worry about your safety 担忧你的宁静have part-time jobs 做兼职事情get one's ears pierced 打耳洞get / have / make sth. done 使某物被做……choose their own clothes 选择他们自己的衣服not serious enough 不够严肃stop doing sth 停止做某事stop to do sth. 停下往复做某事cut one's hair 剪头发spend time with sb. 花时间和某人在一起need time to do homework 需要时间做作业be excited about sth/doing sth 对某事感应兴奋bring my new camera to take photos 带我的新相机来照相take photos, take a photo 照相use a flash 使用闪光灯protect the paintings 掩护油画a tiny baby 一个婴儿all night 整夜stay by my side 呆在我身边give me warm arms to sleep in 给我可以休息的温暖的怀抱run through the field 在田间奔跑make sure = be sure 确保,确定keep sb. (away) from sth. 使某人远离某物keep me from danger 使我远离危险hurt oneself 伤害某人自己give sb. a hug = hug sb. 拥抱某人lift sb.up 举起某人cough badly 猛烈地咳嗽talk back loudly 高声回嘴an adult 一个成人think back to those times 追念起那些时光watch scary movies 看恐怖影戏give me awful dreams 让我做噩梦shout back angrily 生气地高声回应be back by ten 在10点之前回来regret doing sth. 忏悔做了某事read the whole poem 读整首诗encourage sb to do sth 勉励某人做某事do social work for their community 为他们的社区做社会事情keep teenagers away from the internet 使青少年远离网络give sb chances to do sth 给某人时机做某事make one's own decision 做某人自己的以为too + adj.+ to do sth. 太…而不能做某事learn…from…从…学到…learn a lot from working 从事情中学到许多agree with sb 同意某人的看法disagree with sb. 差别意某人的看法move out 搬出去take care of = look after=care for themselves 照顾他们自己manage one's own life 治理自己的生活manage to do sth 努力完成某事in most Asian societies在大部门的亚洲社会be common for sb to do sth 对某人来说做某事普通that is why 那就是为什么…continue to do sth继续做某事take a test到场考试pass the test通过考试fail the test考试不及格take the test later 到场补考be strict with sb in sth在某方面临某人要求严格get in the way of故障…worry about their success at school 担忧他们在学校里的乐成practice their hobbies as much as they want 尽可能多的根据他们所想的去实践他们的喜好a running star一个跑步明星on his school team 在校队a professional runner一个专业的跑步运发动grow up长大train so much 训练过多see him achieve his dreams 看他实现他的梦想support sb/sth 支持某人/某事allow sb. to do sth.允许某人做某人should be allowed to do sth.应该被允许去做某事have nothing against doing sth.不阻挡做某事succeed in doing sth.乐成做某事fail to do sth. 做某事失败end up with/doing 以…竣事end up as 最终成为decide for myself 为我自己做决议enter university 进入大学be serious about sth/doing sth 对某事认真the only thing I've ever wanted to do 我曾经想做的唯一的一件事practice doing sth.训练做某事do the right thing 做正确的事spend time on sth.在某事上花时间spend more time on his homework 花更多的时间在他的作业上spend time in doing sth在做某事上花时间become a professional sports star 成为一个职业的运动明星care about sb.体贴某人talk with sb. about sth.和某人谈论某事make a choice做选择make this choice myself 我自己做这个决议have a chance to do achieve my dream 有时机去实现我的梦想support your dream 支持你的梦想be kept off 被保持关机during the meeting 在集会期间see sb. do /doing sth. 瞥见某人做某事书面表达Unit 7 P56 先容家规My parents are strict with me. There are many rules in my family. Let me tell you some of them.I am not allowed to watch TV or surf the Internet, but I think I should be allowed to watch TV for some time on weekends so that I can relax myself. Besides, I must go to bed before 22:30 because I have to get up early every morning. I agree with it because I think I must work hard now. What's more, I have to clean my room every morning. My parents think it is a very good habit. But I don't agree with it, because my room is not always dirty.However, I agree with some of the rules, I will obey them because I think my parents won't do anything that is bad for me.末端或者 I know my parents care about me so I will obey the rules all the time.Unit 7如果你叫李明,最近你和怙恃就"周末学生该不应外出运动"举行了讨论。内容包罗怙恃亲的看法和你的看法,各三条。Should teenagers go out with their friends on weekends?Recently I've had a discussion with my parents about whether teenagers should go out with their friends on weekends. My parents don't think we should go out .They think we should go over lessons at home because it's very important for us to study hard now. Besides, they also think we should have a good sleep because we often go to bed late on weekdays. What's more, they hope that we can help them do housework.However , different people have different ideas. I think we should be allowed to go out with our friends. We need to spend time with our friends. It can not only help us to relax ourselves, but also help to develop our friendship. Also , If we go out to do exercise, it will be good for our health. So I think it's necessary for us to go out on weekends.。






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